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    Become Advanced Cooking Master Easily: Are you a true lover of the art de cuisine? Do you love meddling in the kitchen and throwing your friends dinner parties full of taste?

    • [12 in 1] Onion chopper pro lets you chop vegetables with ease. Press the lid to cut food directly into container without mess of knife and cutting board. Comes together with effective cleaning accessories : cleaning claw and brush.
    • [Superior Quality] Made of food grade ABS materials, 12-in-1 2020 newest onion chopper is more sustainable for long-time using. Heavy-duty stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut most kinds of vegetables and fruits.
    • [Humanized Design] The bottom of container possesses 4 non-slip feet, firmly sucking counter top for stability. Enlarged capacity of container is convenient to clean and store. All blades can be stored in the container when not in use for no disorder, losing and damage.
    • [Easy Clean] Sweep off residue on the press plate and the blades. Rinse, dry then place it well.
    • [Safe to Use] Blades are ultra sharp. Please be in strict accordance with the instruction and pay attention when assemble or disassemble. Avoid installing violently and using blades on inappropriate ingredients, which leads to blades bend or damage. 

    Superior Blades Design: Extremely sharp with a fine edge that makes cutting a simple, effortless job, all 10 blades are made of 420 stainless steel.

    For additional durability, the plastic parts are made with reinforced, ultra-durable, BPA-free plastic to provide a safe eating experience. Best of all, the parts can be disassembled and cleaned on the top shelf of your dishwasher!

    Item Name: 12-in-1 Fruit Vegetable Chopper Set;

    Main Material: PP, Stainless Steel;

    Main Color: Green;

    Package Box Size: 29 x 11.5 x 15cm / 11.42″ x 4.53″ x 5.91″(L * W * H);

    Weight: 880g / 31.04oz;

    Package Include: 1 x Cutting-top With Integrated Pin Grip, 1 x Cutting Base, 1 x Transparent Collector(capacity, 1500ml), 1 x Cover for Holding A Fresh Collection Container,

    1 x Blade Assembly(6mm x 6mm / 0.24″ x 0.24″or 12mm x 12mm / 0.47″ x 0.47″) , 1 x Blade Assembly(6mm x 36mm / 0.24″ x 1.42″or 18mm x 18mm / 0.71″ x 0.71″) ,1 x Knife Used For Quarters Or Eighths, 1 x Plug-cutting Punch For Eighth,

    1 x Part-cover For All Blade Inserts, 1 x Professional Peeler, 1 x Gift Box.

    • Vegetable Chopper
    • Food Chopper Cutter Grater Set
    • Kitchen Cutter Peeler

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    Product Description: 

    • MATERIAL: 100% BPA Free Food Grade Virgin High-Quality Plastic.
    • Keep 3 different foods in the same jar. a dispenser hole lets you pour out only the items that you need. this food storage jar is made from non-BPA, non-toxic plastic. easy to clean, freezer-safe, microwave-safe, oven-safe, and dishwasher-safe BPA-free, Non-toxic plastic. Easy to clean. Freezer-safe, Microwave-safe, and Dishwasher-safe
    • The lid has an airtight seal that keeps the foods fresh for long. 3 clip locks for secure closure. Package contains 1 piece food storage jar with 3 sections. you can keep 3 types of foods, grains, pulses, cereals, flour, snacks, dry fruits, rice, pasta, biscuits in the same jar without mixing. 3 secure clip locks close the lid safely on the jar
    • Dispenser tray can rotate and a hole pours out only the foods that you need. Lid has an airtight seal that keeps the foods fresh for long. 3 clip locks for secure closure. dispenser tray can rotate and a hole pours out only the foods that you need and want the container to dispense
    • Food Storage Jar with 3 sections. Keep 3 types of food in the same jar without mixing. Transparent plastic airtight (lock n lock) cereal storage dispenser container jar with 3 sections for cereals, snacks, pulses, dry fruits, and many more, available in multiple colors, will be given as per the availability.

    Product Dimensions:  20 x 13 x 13 cm
    Storage Capacity: 1500 ml. (500ml x 3)

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    Dual Multi-Surface Brushes work together to grab dust, dirt, and large debris to help thoroughly clean your floors. The first brush loosens, lifts, and pulls in dust, dirt, and hair from floors and carpet, the second accelerates debris into the suction channel.


    The 3-Stage Cleaning System packs a serious punch when it comes to messes. With Dual Multi-Surface Brushes and a specially designed Edge-Sweeping Brush, no crumb is safe.


    The Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head adapts its height to keep the Dual Multi-Surface Brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, directly engaging with both hard floors and carpets.


     Dirt Detect sensors alert your robot about dirtier areas of your home, which are then cleaned more thoroughly, so high-traffic spots stay as clean as the rest of the house.


     The Edge-Sweeping Brush is specially designed at a 27-degree angle to sweep debris away from edges and corners.

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    Perfect for the people who fancy themselves culinary pros, this versatile, Smart Chopping and Strainer Bowl comes with a unique straining feature that allows you to slice and clean your vegetables all in one bowl. Skip the tedious process of washing your vegetables in a strainer only to place them on a chopping board later. Equipped with 7 different blades, this handy kitchen device is a slicer, grater, and shredder all in one! It’s a true time-saver!

    Made of high-quality, food-grade materials this multi-functional, 9-in-1, food-prep bowl is a cut above the rest! It’s a vegetable cutter, food slicer, strainer, and bowl all in one. Featuring a rotating drain basket, you can cut, wash, and strain your veggies in one convenient bowl, so preparing your meals is fast and easy! The rotating buckle allows for automatic rotation, so that the draining basket is always stable and swivels to the right angle to strain the water, after your vegetables have been rinsed.

    Can be used as:

    • Food Container with handle
    • Hand Protector
    • Colander
    • Vegetable Slicer (standard, julienne, wavy)
    • Vegetable Cutter
    • Shredder


    Different tool head parameters:

    • 5MM THIN FILM CUTTER HEAD: Suitable for making fruit skin thin film, homemade thin-film mask.
    • 3MM MEDIUM SILK CUTTER:Uniform thickness, The cut food is suitable for coloring or frying.
    • 4MM THICK KNIFE HEAD:Uniform silk is more delicious, suitable for stir-frying or steaming.
    • GRATED KNIFE HEAD:Grated ginger grated without chopping, easy and labor-saving.
    • 5MM THICK KNIFE HEAD:Easy to slice, save time and labor a good helper.
    • 2MM CUTTING KNIFE HEAD:Dense and delicate, suitable for coleslaw.
    • SLICING KNIFE:Make delicious potato chips at home with ease.


    • Usage: Cutting vegetables, washing vegetables.
    • Material: High-quality PP material.
    • Size: 22 x 22 x 11 cm.
    • Color: White&Gray.
    • Weight: 650g.


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    5-Position Wall Mounted Mop Broom Holder

    • Holds brooms, mops, dusters, yard tools, cleaning utensils, garden tools, and sports equipment
    • Great for organizing laundry, garage, garden, utility room, pantry, closet, offices
    • Gravity-controlled rolling balls automatically adjust and tighten to the thickness of handles for secure holding
    • Features 5 ball slots and 6 hooks
    • Simply insert handles into ball slots and hang up other items on hooks
    • Mount to a wall easily with included hardware
    • Materials: PP plastic and silicone (anti-slip pad)
    • Hook spacing: 2.7”
    • Ball slot opening: 1.57”
    • Ball slot spacing: 1.38”
    • Ball slot weight capacity (per slot): 17lb.
    • Compatible handle diameter: 0.78”–1.18”
    • Product dimensions: 15.75” x 3.23” x 2.44”
    • Weight: 0.96lb.

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    QUALITY MATERIAL: Eco-Friendly, The blades are made of premium stainless steel, guaranteed not to rust or be blunted over time. The vegetable slicer is made of high quality BPA-free ABS food-safe plastic which have been tested and approved that it’s toxic-free and absolutely safe to contact with foodstuffs.

    15 IN 1 SET MULTI-FUNCTION FOOD CHOPPER: sharp interchangeable stainless-steel blades with more than 10 functions, such as slicing, dicing, grating, chopping, peeling, cutting into shreds, cutting into small pieces, etc. Also includes cleaning tool, finger protection holder.

    HIGH EFFICIENCY: Transform fruits and vegetables into a ready to eat meal using this slicer. Rich accessories cut prep time in half. Very easy to use, and make work of canning and preserving food and salad super-fast. Each item rinsed clean and is ready for another use.

    SECURED & ANTI-SLIP: There is a slippery cushion on the bottom, the lid is curved, the product is lightweight, so that you can grab it when you use it, it is not easy to take off. And the base container isn’t made of glass, so you won’t break it easily.

    EASY TO CLEAN AND STORE: Can be assembled quickly, super easy to set up and clean. This slicer is dishwasher safe, hand wash recommended; you can also wash it with warm soapy water. Storing is convenient too. Just put all the blades and hand guard in the container and stow it inside the kitchen drawer or cabinets.

    Colour: Apple Green
    Function: Chopper, Slicer, Cutter, Grinder
    Fit For: Vegetable, Fruit, Ginger, Garlic
    Package Dimensions : 21.6 x 21.4 x 17.8 cm;
    Weight: 1.04 Kilograms

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  • FlyingPro Ultimate Precision Eyebrows Trimmer

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    The Best Way to Instantly Remove Unwanted Hairs Anytime 🔥


    •  Precise and still –  Precise tip helps remove unwanted hair, targets the smallest areas to help you maintain perfect eyebrows. You no longer need tweezers!
    • Painless and comfortable – Specially designed for flawless eyebrows to end the touch. Instantly and painlessly remove unwanted and stray eyebrows, without irritation, blemishes, cuts, bumper or redness.
    • Stylish and easy to carry – With the size of a lipstick, this product provides optimal hair removal at all times for women who have no time to go to the salon again and again. Very ideal for traveling.
    • Built-in light – The LED lights clearly show the smallest hair and ensure complete trimming.


    Threading, plucking, waxing, and shaving your brows are painful and sometimes cost hundreds of dollars at beauty salons. Using FlyingPro Eyebrow Trimmer, you can easily get the eyebrows goal you want by yourself. Most importantly, pain-free!


    1. Remove cap
    2. Click the button to turn on the device
    3. Pull your skin tight, place the epilator against your skin
    4. Move it around gently & slowly (device should not be at an angle)
    5. When done, turn it off & put on cap (clear removal head if needed)

    Package Includes

    1X FlyingPro Eyebrows Trimmer

    Due To High Demand, Please Allow 7-8 Business Days For Product Delivery


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    • [SAVE YOUR BACK AND KNEES] No elbow grease required. Your knees, shoulders, and back will thank you. Lightweight and powerful, our scrubber makes your job easy. Use the included long extension handle to clean tight and hard to reach places. It can be extended to around 40 inches, you can easily clean the higher place,you just need press the button to adjust. A perfect gift idea for mom, wife, or anyone else who hates cleaning!
    • [PORTABLE CORDLESS DESIGN] Powered by built-in rechargeable 3.6V battery, the cordless spin scrubber can last continuously up to 50 minutes after only 3.5 hours fast charging. The 360 degree high rotate speed meets your need of long working duration to clean and wipe the dirt thoroughly without interruption.
    • [3 REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEAD] The Interchangeable Brushes for multi-purpose uses to get rid of soap scum, mildew, grime. Flexible and durable bristles gets into cracks and crevices with supreme effectiveness! Includes 3 Spin Scrubber brush heads, extension arm and charger.
    • [PROFESSIONAL, EFFECTIVE CLEANING AND WATERPROOF] Automatic cleaning scrubber can be used indoor and outdoor, it’s great for curves, tile, sink bowls, toilets, bathtub, door slots, shower windows, it also cleans car tires and mags well.The electric cleaning scrub spins up to 300 RPM, which made it high-torque scrubbing power. The brush head turns in 360 degree with high rotate speed, which can clean stains in a more complete way.
    • [CUSTOMER SUPPORT] We truly care about your customer experience and your product experience. We are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. If you have any question or problem with our service or products, please feel free to contact us.


    • Spin scrubber is cordless and with extension handle, includes 3 spin scrubber brush heads. The cleaning brush head turns in 360 degree with high rotate speed.
    • Cordless and extension handle lets you easily reach up high and down low. High-torque scrubbing power does all the hard work for you.
    • You do not have to break your back to have a clean bathroom. The spin scrubber blasts away mold, mildew, and grime in a jiffy, without the use of harsh chemicals.
    • Sound too good to be true. Once you try it for yourself, you will never go back to tireless scrubbing.
    • Even if you have arthritis or back problems, the spin scrubber will give you the results you desire, without the pain.
    • And because it is cordless and rechargeable, you can use it as much as you need, both indoors and outdoors; no expensive batteries required.
    • Powerful our tub and tile power scrubber is powered by a 3.6-volt rechargeable battery, allowing you to clean over and over again without wasting traditional batteries.
    • A charging cord is included. Your cleaning helper – our tub and tile power scrubber allows you to deep-clean even hard to reach places.
    • with the 21-inch extendable handle, you no longer need to constantly stretch up or bend over to reach all the corners and angles in your tub or shower.
    • brush head – our tub and tile power scrubber comes with 3 interchangeable brushes to suit all your cleaning needs. – the large, flatter scrubbing brush is perfect for deep cleaning, while the smaller, stiffer cone-shaped brush is ideal for cleaning corners, grout lines and around faucets.


    • color: blue & white.
    • Material: abs, pp, aluminium, rubber.
    • Package list: 1 * electric scrubber 1 * ac adapter 3 * brushes.

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    Why do you waste your time cutting vegetables?

    .if you were tired of slicing by hand this slicer is one of the best tools in your kitchen

    our grater will make your work faster and smoother

    Multi purpose vegatable slicer

    the slicer is patented, german designed and manufactured . It has 8 super sharp precise, stainless steel

    blades which makes it the quickast and most precise slicer in the wort . designed perfectly to make task easier and quicker in your kitchan


    How to use your slicer?

    .  There are 3 interchangeable blades with the slicer.

    .  all the blades are changeable easily by hand

    .  If you are wanting to slice something small then put your vegetable/fruit on the

    safety guard . if not then hold it with your fingers for away front the blades.

    .  run your food  over the blades and let the slicer do the hard work . you will find

    evenly sliced food every time

      USE TIPS

    .  best suitable to cut long vegetables such as cucumber and carrot, in shorter

    lengthsl before slicing use safety  lengths

    . while using this slicer, push the food downward towards the blade rather pulling

    towards you because it is 8x faster than others slicers.

    .  for the Heavy slicing don’t forget to use a bowl inside the slicer pro

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    Scrubber Hand Gloves Reusable Washing Cleaning Kitchen Garden

    • Silicon Glove is a 100% food-grade silicone environmentally friendly product. It is easy to rinse with water as it can be sterilized in hot water.


    •  This product is more durable than rubber gloves and can be used repeatedly for a long time. Silicon gloves are fit for all of the people, the thick fingertips, full palm coverage design can grip better.
    • he surface of different types of materials makes it easily do homework without hurting hands.

    • Magic Gloves can be used for kitchen, washing dishes, fruit and vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room, removing wardrobe dust, care for pet hair, and washing the car.
    • These unique rubber gloves are made with built-in silicone sponges right on the palms and fingers of the gloves. So you can put them on and instantly start washing dishes without ever worrying about touching the nastiness of your dirty dishes.

    • The magic gloves can be used semi-permanently without tearing. Combination of scrubber and rubber gloves. Since the product is heat resistant up to 160 degrees, it can be safely disinfected with boiling water or a microwave oven. Hot water disinfection/microwave disinfection (3 minutes).The product has a cleaning ability due to the silicone brush installed on it to clean the grind stains.

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    • Rotating stainless steel blades

    Garlic Triturator Food Vegetable Chopper Slap Chop As Seen on TV Easy Slicer Chopper Grater Women Gift Kitchen Tool

    • With every slap, the finer the food gets
    • Never need to switchblades.
    • Veggie Chopper is a manual chopper machine that chops food when you slap the plunger.

    Meme Slap Chop GIF - Meme SlapChop Tool GIFs

    • It’s the perfect way for making a salad, pizza toppings, exciting tuna, breakfast to go, nuts and cookies for ice cream toppings, fruit salad, and many more foods.

    • Perfect for all kinds of food: Chop up vegetables, nuts, chocolate, and fruits quickly and easily; Great for onions and even garlic so your fingers don’t smell and it saves time.

    • Stainless steel & large cup container: Veggie Chopper blades are made of the highest quality stainless steel while the convenient large cup container captures all foods that are chopped. High-quality blades quickly deskin the garlic and onions in seconds.

    CHEESE GRATY: Comes with a Large Easy to Twist Cheese Graty Perfect for Tacos, Fettuccini, etc

    Slap Chop Food Chopper with Graty

    • Weight: 366 g.
    • Material: ABS.
    • Color: white and black.
    • Size: Approx 25cm x 8.5cm (HxD).

    Package Included:

    • 1 x Slap Chop – Vegetable Food Slicer Chopper

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