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    Barbecue parties, beach outings, and picnics are never complete without an ice-cold glass of your favorite soda. There’s something about the taste of the soda that makes it irresistible. It’s also an effective way to remove the aftertaste from your tongue and the acidity cuts down the fatty food that you eat. However, the problem with big soda bottles is that you have to manually pour it over the glasses. And, because it’s quite heavy, you will really feel the tension on your muscles as you pour over one glass after another. But, did you know that there’s already a better alternative to that? This soft drink dispenser is a manual dispenser for your soda bottles. It works on the bigger soda PET bottles that hold about 1.5L to 2L of soda. It has a mouth like the one you find on a water dispenser.


    There is no better way to serve soda rather than by using this soda dispenser. However, many people might think twice about bringing a dispenser thinking that it’s heavy and bulky. But not this one. This dispenser has a very simple design, that’s why it’s compact and lightweight. This dispenser has a base that’s suitable for soda PET bottles. Connected to it is the mouth of a dispenser similar to the one that you find in a water dispenser. It’s manual and does not need batteries to operate. And, it even stands on its own! Finally, a convenient way of serving soda!


    You may have noticed that when you open a soda bottle or pour it over the glass it bubbles to the top? That is the fizz or the “spirit” of the drink, the carbon component. And, when you open the bottle for too long it loses the fizz. This dispenser saves the fizz by keeping the bottle airtight. This way you will enjoy the fizz of your drink until the last drop!

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    Product description:-

    Stainless-Steel Turbo Flex 360 Degree Rotatory Flexible Sink 6” Faucet Sprayer Extension with Jet Stream and Spray Settings Brand New & High quality Quickly upgrades your ordinary faucet into a flexible hands free sprayer with extended reach.

    Turbo Flex 360 Instant Sink Hose

    The handy, flexible sprayer swivels 360º and features two spray settings – an aerated jet stream or a wide angle spray. Great for cleaning sink, rinsing fruits and veggies, filling tall vases, shampooing hair,pet bathing, bathing baby and more.

    The 6 inch hose is made of durable smart steel but is flexible, so it can reach where ordinary faucets can’t. Making cleaning the sink and odd size items easy. Attaches easily without tools to fit most standard-sized faucets.

    Material: chrome finish Package Includes:1 pc *

    Turbo Flex Extension Faucet Product dimensions: 6.5”x1.5”x1.5” Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

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    • INNOVATIVE DESIGN, HIGH QUALITY, LONG LASTING & RUSTPROOF Finally! Unlike other traditional dispensers, this 2-in-1dishwasher soap dispenser is designed to be superior, made of unbreakable ABS plastic making it long-lasting.

    • INSTANT 2-IN1 DISPENSER + Caddy, 1 HAND OPERATION, COMPACT ORGANIZATION: Sink dispenser with attached caddy holds sponges, scrubbers, rags, scouring pads in one convenient place while keeping water off of kitchen counters.

    • SAVE MONEY, SPACE, and TIME! This dishwashing dispenser will totally transform your kitchen life, designed to wash dishes FASTER, the instant operation will save your Time and 1 hand operation will keep your ENERGY level always high.

    • Cleaning dishes is about to get a whole lot faster with this Soap Pump & Sponge Holder!

    • When you need more, just pump again for another shot of soap.


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